Corporate Profile

Vision & Strategy


MMJ PhytoTech’s vision is to become a leading player in the global medical cannabis market, through the development & commercialisation of cannabinoid based therapeutic products and as a grower and supplier of unique strains of cannabis to treat a variety of clinical indications in established, existing and newly regulated markets.


MMJ PhytoTech’s strategy is based on establishing a vertically integrated “Farm to Pharma” business model, building operations across all parts of the supply chain, including growing operations, development of cannabinoids based drug-products, production and commercialisation of medical cannabis products and distribution in regulated markets worldwide.

The Company has two main focuses: Therapeutics and Agro-Medical

  1. Therapeutics
    The Company is developing cannabinoids based drug-products for a variety of highly potential clinical indications utilising state-of-the-art, proprietary drug delivery technologies and formulations.
  2. Agro-Medical
    The Company is establishing strategic alliances with the aim to acquire sophisticated genetic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) strains and plants and to secure near term revenues streams from growing operations, capitalising on the growth of the regulated Canadian and US medical cannabis markets.

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